Review: Rugged Man feat. Wande Coal/ “Agidi”


Some classy deliveries on “Agidi” have Rugged Man waltzing through like a ballerina, hitting major heights with obvious support from his Black Diamond accomplice, Wande Coal. Both men create a sick partnership on the song, something that feels like they had been locked up in a Studio for days in the wake of this, starved of any break or communication with the world, so that the enclosure drives them into recording the banger, Agidi. They exhibit a purely bad ass approach on this, swapping flows through English, Pidgin and Yoruba, fitting through the entire sound like hand in glove. The sound of this is classy, very classy.


Rugged and Wande are infected with a killer bug, something the producer (Tyron) plants in their systems in the booth. The duo approach this with an angry mien- there is hunger and push; they are belligerent, needing only slight priming to hit ignition. And ignition they did hit, something Wande confirms with the lines “E lo pe pano pano/ tin won ba pano a ma tan ino/ nitori iyin ni ori mi se sa ino”. They go on at this rate then it’s safe to say any material they create together will blow across charts.


Since leaving Don Jazzy’s Mavin, Wande hasn’t exactly reproduced same fiery style of his Mo’Hits days, but his talent remains unquestionable. He has maintained a consistence and drive strong enough to deem him great. On a previous single “Baby Hello”, for instance; Wande shows once more how much his vocal wealth and delivery are unlimited. And that wealth is what Rugged Man employs to full advantage on Agidi.


Rugged Man might have scored a hit with this new collaboration, but he still leaves much to be desired with his lyrics and choice of wordplays. This is not the Rugged who swam against the tides, fought major battles and ruled the airwaves with banging jams from back in the day. This is not a Rugged Man who looks set to take over the Rap business anytime soon, not with the way things are positioned. But if he manages to do big things with big songs, if he manages to stay in the equation, especially if he has a collaboration or a verse that lands him a club banger like this, then it’s all good. Agidi is a good effort nonetheless, and with proper promotion can stir things up a bit.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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