Review: Phyno’s “Authe” Video Is Good, And Yes We Recommend.


“Authe” is not one of Phyno’s best works off the NGNG Album because it reached the airwaves in a period when there were other stellar records from the Pent Hauze Star, making it easily inconspicuous. Again, following rife speculations of Authe being similar in sound to a previous DJ Spinall/ Burna Boy recording, the buzz is as a result negative and creates a bit of lull in the wake of the song. But a video for the song dropped today and looks likely to invigorate things, etching the song more on our minds.


Clarence Peters is the regular culprit on the set of Authe and together with the duo (Phyno and Flavour) they create a visual display that does well to steal some shine. There is way more happening in the video than I expected, and the effect of this is impressive, as against the ridiculous representation that is “Alobam”. Clarence is no stranger to shooting videos for A-lists and their chart-topping materials, so you begin to wonder what got over him and the crew on the Alobam set. But that is not why we are here today.


In the Authe video, there are brilliant flashes here and there, with beautiful females that fall within Phyno’s regular “Asa” and “Nwa nwe weight” categories. It is pleasing to the eyes how they fuse their body moves into the traditional beats and rhythm of the music, creating balanced visuals so that there is no overkill. The video is good, and there are chances it will go on to rekindle in us same burning passion that previous Phyno hits have. Though largely criticized in its audio form, with this video there are whisperings of a mega hit splashed obviously across the screen like oil painting, creating brilliant imageries like something a bohemian would do on a canvas. And it all seems fitting, given that a previous huge song off NGNG was hugely misrepresented by a Clarence video, which did nothing but give us flashbacks of a low-budget, high school carnival presentation at best.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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