Ladies And Gentlemen, Get Ready For Beauty Health and Wellness Fair 2014

TW Magazine, Wow Connect & CaribHealth are proud to introduce The Beauty, Health and Wellness Fair (BHWF) scheduled to take place on the 19th and 20th of September at the Federal Palace Hotel.


The beauty, health and wellness fair is the first of its kind and it focuses on the total well being of an individual.


BHWF is a platform for SMEs and multinationals alike to showcase various services and products in the beauty, health and wellness industries. These will range from hospitals to fertility clinics to dental health providers to Spa’s and gyms to Nutritionists, Dieticians, Trainers, Dermatologists and natural beauty providers.


BHWF will partner with Globeathon, an international NGO in tis bid to raise awareness for below the belt cancers.


The Fairs objective is to provide an interactive semi formal platform to educate people on salient health topics that are usually broached with fear e.g. Fertility issues, depression and cancer amongst others. The fair will also emphasize and reiterate the importance of healthy living and a balanced lifestyle by introducing fun ways to keep the heart, body and soul healthy.


The fair will have great features such as free screenings and tests, free health checks and consultations, free sampling of various associated products, and will provide general health information in diverse wellness topic with an aim to put people back on track to achieve their health and lifestyle goals for the rest of the year.


The FREE event will take place in a course of two days from (10am to 6pm) each day at the Federal Palace Hotel and will target people from all walks of life (students, children, professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, stay at home moms etc.).


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The Beauty Health and Wellness Fair held its official press conference at the Social Place on the 26th of August.


The press conference was paneled and hosted by Oluwatobi Olanihun (WOW Connect), Mrs. Adesuwa Onyenokwe (TW Magazine) and Dr. Patrick Ijewere & Dr. Sherese Ijewere (Caribhealth).


The event is proudly supported by Etisalat, Vlisco and Zaron Cosmetics.





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