A tribute to my Mentor, Friend and Brother. – Dele Bakare

The day I heard about your death was the day I lost a piece of my heart and the moment I didn’t get a response from you about my mail the day after was when i knew one of the most important persons in my life is gone forever.

My first encounter with Mr Kunle Olaifa was in 2012. Tayo and I had a meeting with him on skype and we pitched our ideas and plans about JobsinNigeria ( to him, a product we developed same year. We approached Kunle because of his wealth of experience in the industry and we were able to connect with him because of his frequent visit to CCHUB.

We didn’t say much before Kunle understood and tapped into our vision.
We were priviledged to have him on board as an advisor and our very first Investor. JobsInNigeria was just 2months old and kunle saw the potentials in it, he was always there for us, coaching, mentoring, encouraging and sometimes pushing hard for us to stay in business.

As i fondly call him, Egbon – Kunle made it a pirority for me to ask him anything. I love his ability to solve and analyze quickly. His words of wisdom are outstanding and our friendship and brotherhood is one that stretched beyond business. He was my family.


Kunle Olaifa

I always looked forward to meeting him simply because there was something to take home in terms of advise and solutions. He was always concerned about our well-being even when we ran into some personal problems months back. He would drag us along to everywhere he went and where he knew we would benefit from including job fairs.

Kunle was a unique, jovial and gentle man. He was very passionate about career development and solutions. He was extremely modest despite his many achievements and he never sought anything in return for his tireless efforts. A humble rich man – Trust me he was.

I still find it hard to believe that you’re gone forever, Mr Kunle, Our very own Mr Kunle. Tayo managed to cope even when he was admitted in the hospital and i totally broke down after hearing the sad news about your death. We were too close and this has left us alot of empty spaces in our hearts.

“Kunle Olaifa is not dead. Such people never die” as quoted by chinedu ozordi. We will never forget you and we’d do our best to live up to your expectations. Our last plans with you will be perfectly executed and we’d continue fighting the good fight.

Thank you for everything you have done for us, also for having to come into our lives and business and allowing us to do the same. We will miss you hugely but we’ll remember you forever – #KunleOlaifaLivesOn

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