#StarTheWinnerIs – Jenny Hud Will Be Proud To Watch These Contestants

Superstar singer, and amazing vocalist Jennifer Hudson has a protégé in Star The Winner Is contestant Jahtell Ilem who proved what vocal power – house she carried with a daunting delivery of Am Changing on the show over the weekend.



With a voice and vocal range as powerful as Jennifer’s, Jahtell delivered the song as flawless as singer’s rendition on Musical drama film, DreamGirls to utmost delight of audience and viewers.


In her first duel round of the night, Jahtell also serenaded the audience with a rather astonishing performance of a BoyzIImen classic; I’ll make love to you, which made her a clear winner of the round.

Uti Nwachukwu and Episode Winner, Jahtell


Jahtell will join Philip, Brenda, Happiness, Rhema and Naomi winners from previous episodes to battle for 10million naira and a brand new car in the semi final round.


Click here to watch highlights from the refreshing performances, trust me, you will thank me later. *Wink*


Also view photos from the episode.


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