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@Iam_Davido Covers Bubbles Magazine New Edition

Take a moment to pause what you’re doing right now: who’s Africa’s biggest act? His name is spelt DAVIDO! It’s hard to think- or see another young musician who has put in more work, or achieved more in recent times. His knack for banging out unforgettable tunes sets him apart from the hordes of others. Bubbles Magazine is happy to have him grace the cover of our new edition. His ability to command the attention of listening audiences from your neighbourhood to New York, from Lagos to Las Vegas and from Abuja to Abu Dhabi is near-legend. What song has Davido dropped that hasn’t made the charts? With his impish inclination for the limelight through his off-stage antics and controversies, there simply isn’t any bigger showman than Davido right now!
But it’s hard to see him as just for the right now. His domination of 2014 has been long time coming- if you can call three years a long time. He has shown himself to be putting in the necessary hours required to be a household name. He always delivers tunes that stay in your head, in spite of the fact that critics sometimes label as cheesy. That in itself is a good thing- as opposed to been chalked off as a ‘Daddy’s Boy’. Brush your shoulders off David…

The photograph was taken by UK based photographer Michael Tubes.

The other is a shot of Davido at the video shoot for his and D’Prince’s track Gentleman. That was taken by Tobbie of TCD Photography.

In this edition as well, Bubbles magazine pay homage to the urban culture of our times with our fashion spread, tech pages and as usual, the FreshOut department spotlights a number of new artistes that are putting in work.

Bubbles Magazine is more than just an entertainment journal; it’s a complete documentation of Nigerian entertainment and its associated lifestyle.

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