Nicki Minaj Drops “Anaconda” Video

Nicki Minaj‘s “Anaconda” video is here.  And it’s exactly what you expected.  Big booties, a drooling Drake, and at least one colorful wig. 


Nicki Minaj served up big booties on a scenic platter for her brand new “Anaconda” video.  The visuals are her latest offering off her upcoming album The Pink Print.

While sampling Sir Mix-a-lot‘s “Baby Got Back”, the Polow Da Don & Da Internz-produced track is all about girls showing off their big butts in the club  And, as Nicki so eloquently puts it, “F**k them skinny bitches in the club, I wanna see all the big, fat, ass b*tches in the club.”

Before twerking her enhanced ASSets all over Drake (who y’all know is quite thirsty in real life to get at Nicki), she incorporates elements of Sir Mix-a-lot’s video from the dances to the huge signs.

Check out Nicki dipping back into her pink wiggery below:

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