Ebola: President Jonathan Instructs The National Orientation Agency to Educate Nigerians on Clear Safeguards.

The National Orientation Agency (NOA) has been instructed to educate Nigerians on the necessary actions and preventive measures to be taken against the deadly Ebola virus. President, Goodluck Jonathan, made this call as an important and urgent precautionary measure to halt the spread of the deadly virus in Nigeria. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan stressed that awareness is key and every Nigerian needs to be armed with the right instruction to protect themselves and their families.

The virus, which has plagued Africa for a while recently infiltrated the Nigerian borders through a Liberian, killing two doctors and infecting 5 more medical personnel who came in contact with the carrier.

NOA has been charged with embarking on a nationwide enlightenment campaign to generate and disseminate messages across various mediums – Radio, TV, Print and online in the key traditional languages including English. The objective will be to raise public awareness in an effort to forestall the disease and save more lives. While a few are already aware of the dangers of the disease, acquainting them with strategic information and an increased knowledge of personal hygiene will certainly help curb the spread of the infectious disease. 

However all hands have to be on deck to ensure that all and sundry are armed with these information. The World Bank have showed their support by pledging the sum of $200 million (N32 billion) to help contain the disease across West Africa. The media has been mandated to get involved, making sure that through live broadcast or dailies, vital knowledge is passed around. The President emphasised that the media should avoid scare-mongering and urged them to report on the facts while providing Nigerians with vital information that will keep them safe. Federal health workers are presently working together with both foreign and local counterparts to treat those infected and to make sure others do not contact the Ebola virus. 

The nationwide enlightenment campaign will help all Nigerians to adopt preventive measures as laid down by the Federal Ministry of Health as well as according to international best practices and guidelines. It will help the populace to clearly identify symptoms of the virus; understand what to do when a suspected infectious person is identified; learn how to maintain safe hygiene standards; understand how the virus spreads and live healthy lives.

With accurate dissemination of information, individuals will understand how to protect themselves adequately and know how to remain calm to deal with any situation they encounter. Nigerians are urged to be on the lookout and report any suspicious cases or symptoms displayed by other individuals around them.

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