Integrity and trust have been identified as key ingredients to ensuring lasting relationships and marriages at the latest edition of SinglesConnect in Lagos.


Singles Connect is a unique, decent and endearing forum established with an aim to provide executive / working class and matured singles from the age of 28 years and above with a better way of connecting and building lasting relationships made history again last weekend.
The interesting programme, tagged “Singles No More Games” was held on Saturday 2nd August, 2014 at Oriental Hotel, Lekki. The event featured Games, Table Discussion, Networking session, Comedy, Talk show and Q&As. The event was supported by WebTv, FAN Milk, Golden Penny, Divine Assets Company, Turi Communications, Real Space Ventures, Creative Boutique , Incredible Lots & Brand Expression Solutions Team Company (BEST).




The heart of the event was dissecting the most common GAMES that singles play that leads to the most common traits ; however not limited to:

  • Pick-Mix of qualities in a guy or lady
  • Commitment Phobia
  • Assumptions ( which is the lowest level of knowledge)

Are there reasons why singles should play ‘Games’ that hurt each other?
Guys letting out some air of ‘I am interested in you’ – yet not the case
Ladies showcasing some make-belief aura of ‘you are the one’ – yet there are three more in the pitch.
How do you know a guy or a lady is playing games?
How do you single yourself out, be distinct, special and attract the right person?
Do you know some of these ‘games’ come back to hurt?
All these and many more were discussed and values taught and embedded into participants to build a healthy and lasting relationship.
What did we have to say as we wrapped up ?:
Host of Singles Connect , Bode-Akinwande said that “Integrity is vital to building a healthy and lasting relationship. A lot of relationships have ended due to perpetual lying of either partners or both of them thereby tampering and eliminating TRUST which is one of the bedrock of a relationship,” he added.
Providing a woman’s perspective, co-host, Chinwe Bode-Akinwande said it was a widely accepted fact that sincerity & trust keeps the life span of any relationship. Singles should desist from playing games so they can attract the right partners which they so desire.
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