#MtnProjectFame Week One: Four Contestants on Probation

Whataaa feeling!

Yes, MTN Project Fame West Africa season 7 has officially kicked off and from our review, all contestants brought their A-game last night – a few snakes, a few nervous performers and a few ready to game on!

Last night, the charming duo, Actor, Joseph Benjamin and new co-host, Bolanle Olukani hosted the Project Fame West Africa 7.0 show.

It was all about classic hits from World music legends.


David performing Ibadi by Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Judges; Producer and record label owner, Ty Mix, Singer and performer, Adebantu and performer, Bibi Brew were live to do their “judgely” duties, alongside the hardworking faculty, Singer/voice Coach, Ms Ige, Music director, Ben Ogewie and Academy Principal, Joke Silva as they were not left out.

Shoot! First on stage was Debbie who performed Amy Winehouse – Rehab, we thought it was a fair performance and looked “OK” for a first performance. Adebantu thought she was not focused, and she was chosen due to her vocal texture, he advised Debbie to learn to connect with her audience.


Academy Principal, Joke Silva thought it was an interesting performer and liked that she played with the song she performed. She also promised to work on her.

If you didn’t know Melody, you call her “the lady in the Beautiful dress”, (inspired) by her appearance on stage last night, as she performed “Power Of Love” by Celine Dion– We were not so impressed by her performance, we noticed she was nervous, but we loved her powerful voice.



Bibi Brew commented that it’s not easy to be on stage, and it is good for a performer to understood his/her voice She advised her to be unique and not copy any original composer. Music director, Ben advised her to relax and that there is more to learn.


Jeffrey with Bolanle Olukanni

Alas! One of our favourite performance of the night, Oge – she had earlier confessed the song she was to perform was a hard song, but she gave a flawless performance to Mariah Carey’s “Without You” from start to finish, despite she was nervous on stage.


Fela Mode

Ty Mix – thought it was all together a good start and a good performance, while Ms Ige agreed with Ty Mix, but also thought she delivered with good vocals and gave a brilliant beginning!

Flourish who had lost her voice during rehearsals, gave a fresh performance to one of Beyonce’s hit “Halo”.


Uncle Ben

Adebantu commended her effort and thought; it was a beautiful performance, she managed through, and well delivered despite her vocal issue.

Ben – commented that her name spoke well of her tune, and advised the Guys to catch up, that the Ladies were exceptional last night.

 The interesting performer, Clement sang “To Love Somebody” by Michael Bolton – he controlled the band and his stage, he gave a nice performance but we thought he was too confident.

Bibi Brew thought he had a nice voice but advised him not to worry too much. Ms Ige thought he needed to relax, and commended his synergy with the band and assured him, he was going to get better.


Contestants on Probation this week

David brought the “Fela attitude” on stage as he fairly-safely performed Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s “Lady”, despite his lack of stage use – even with all his ‘bootilicious ‘ dancers.

Ty thought he did not use his stage, and that he rode on the popularity of the song and he got bored at his performance. Academy Principal, Joke Silva commented that he didn’t use the fela controlled energy and that it was the worst performance he’d ever do.

It’s Christian for the Ladies –  we thought he was not audible, too confident and went off-key as he performed “Always&Forever” by Luther Vandross

Adebantu thought though he had a good voice, his being cautious affected his performance – and addressed it as “wobbly”, while Ben told him that by morning, they were going to have a discussion, and that he “spartcaus-ed” the song. (Uncle Ben sha)

Kofo brought the love fever on stage as she performed “What’s Love Got To Do” by Tina Turner – which we thought was a refreshing performance.

Judge, Bibi Brew advised her to be unique, while Ms Ige commended her fantastic voice, and told her not to be afraid, that there is so much to learn in one week.

One of the snakes – sneaky performer, Jeffery who had complained earlier that this was not his style of music and he hoped as he performed Bob Dylan’s “Knocking Heaven’s door” GOD will answer his prayers with an awesome performance. Jeffery wow-ed everyone with his effortless performance. Apparently he already won some hearts in the audience.

The strict one, Ty –Mix teased him and commended that he expressed himself, while Uncle Ben who was short for words allowed Joke Silva, who endorsed it as an electric performance, and said it was nice from the beginning.

Loveable performer, Lami gave a beautiful performance to “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Huston

Adebantu – commended her beautiful performance, and as a composed singer. Ben commended her smile which carried the song she performed.

Igbo Kwenu! We thought Emeka gave a comic one as he performed “To Love A Woman” by the legendary, Bryan Adams

Bibi – thought it was just the beginning to his performance; however Ms Ige commended his passionate nature, and promised that they (the faculty) will work to control it!

Promising singer, Lasbrey gave a great performance to “When A Woman Loves” by R.Kelly

Ty thought he wasn’t ready for the song, but Joke Silva disagreed with him (even the audience) and commended that despite his vocal issues during rehearsals, he delivered well.

Wannabe M.J, but with good vocals, Shola performed “OK” to Micheal Jackson “You Are Not Alone”

Adebantu thought he was a good vocalist but advised him that his lack of flexibility can be a hindrance to all his performances. Ms Ige thought he was a fantastic singer, but advised him to put himself in the songs.

One of favourite performers, Ugo performed one of Phil Collins’s greatest hit “Against All Odds” and despite he lost his voice (he couldn’t speak clearly in the academy) he delivered well.

Bibi – thought his performance was not bad and that he gave a good-safe performance. Ben commended that despite his challenges, he gave a great improvement on his performance.

Taiwo performed nicely to “For Your Love” by Stevie Wonder.

Ty Mix thought he had an interesting voice and commended his good high notes, while, Joke Silva thought he was a promising performer.

The Beautiful singer, Rukky brought Adele’s “Skyfall” live on stage; very nicely done.

Adebantu thought it was a very dramatic performance well delivered with her great voice. Ben commended her amazing looks, her good vocals and commented that he has his eyes on her

The moment of truth came – as Clement(2), David(3), Shola(16) and Emeka(6) were put on probation – it was a good fight.

Who would you save? Vote your favourite contestant with their unique numbers.


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