Fashion Trend: Peplum Fever By Eseoghene Sobotie

Peplum seems to never go out of season.  A peplum is basically an over skirt, that is usually attached to another garment such as a jacket, blouse, skirt or dress.  

Its main purpose was essentially to highlight the mini waist by accentuating the hips. This out skirts were wore in the 1980 and below.



Victoria Beckham in gray peplum dress, 2009 Victoria Beckham dresses.



Everywhere you go and all over the world people wear it. People appreciate it. I love it personally, I buy different types of materials just to sew it with different styles. Every shop and designers cheap and expensive plays with peplum (doing different styles).

Peplum can be wore for any occasion and any way. There are different types of peplum; tops, skirts (short and long) and Dresses (short and long).

Photos of me on peplum;



My Peplum fever

Get your peplum fever.  Peplum is here to stay.

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