Kanye West Explains Why He Wears A Mask During Concerts


Kanye West now has particular signature added to his name – Great music, excessive but passionate rants.

On Friday, 50,000 concertgoers were treated to his new signature at the London Wireless Festival including his masked face. After Yeezy performed as a stand-in for Drake (who was too sick to perform).

During a 15-minute rant about his struggles as a celebrity and black man wanting to do fashion, Yeezy also revealed something we’ve been wondering since last year: What’s up with those bejeweled Martin Margiela masks?

As it turns out, the masks aren’t fashion statements, but moreso a “f-ck you” to the fashion industry who think they know what Kanye West should be.

He explained:

You know damn well no black guys or celebrities making

Louis Vuitton nothing. They let Pharrell make those [Louis Vuitton] glasses, and we liked ’em, right? They let me make those [Louis Vuitton] shoes and we liked ’em, right? They said, ‘No, no, no n-gga. Not no more. That’s too much. Stay in your place. Stand in front of that show and wear this jacket I made you. Stay in your place! Do what you’re paid to do! Don’t embarrass yourself trying to chase your dreams. Save face.’

That’s why I got this fucking mask on. Cause I ain’t worried about saving face. Fuck my face! That sounded wrong. Pause. They finally got a headline. But fuck whatever my face is supposed to mean and fuck whatever the name Kanye is supposed to mean, it’s about my dreams! It’s about anybody’s dreams. It’s about creating. It’s not about the idea about being a f-cking celebrity, it’s not about the idea of being a black man trying to do fashion and shit.

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