Boko Haram Reportedly Recaptures Most Of The women And Children That Escaped From Them

It was reported that 63 women and children escaped from boko haram last week, reports has it that most of them have been captured which Makes no sense to me. 45 out of the 63 women and children who reportedly escaped from Boko Haram men on Saturday July 5th have been re-abducted by the sect men.

Vanguard reports that a member of the Chibok Vigilante Group, Abbas Gaya in a telephone interview confirmed the recapturing of the women who fled the Boko Haram camp when the men attacked a military base at Damboa village in Borno state

“It is very unfortunate and shocking to tell you today (yesterday) that 45 of the 63 escaped women and children were kidnapped again on Sunday night, leaving only 18 that ran into this forests.” he said
Nah, nah, nah! Not buying this…sounds too weird.

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