Egor Efiok Blasts D’Banj, Mocks Tonto Dikeh’s ‘Suga Rush’


Publicist, CEO of E4PR and Blogger Linda Ikeji’s ex-friend took a shot at Tonto Dikeh, D’Banj and the Lee family today after snippet from a new track by Poko Lee was released. She said:

I think Tonto is okay on her own, so this isn’t about her.
I have disliked D’banj since he stabbed his true friend, Don Jazzy, in the back. He’s also very arrogant, while Don Jazzy on the other hand, is extremely humble.
D’banj signing on Tonto and adding the corny ‘Lee’ after their names is reminiscent of the talented Mavin group and the ‘Doro’ prefixes to all their names; albeit a poor copycat version.
D’banj should be ashamed of himself. He abandoned Don Jazzy for Kanye and after the latter dumped him, he came back to Nigeria with his tail between his legs. He wasn’t even invited to their wedding. Lol.
D’banj has been doling out crap since he left Don Jazzy and even spoilt Iyanya’s Kukere with his nonsense remix. D’banj should stick to being a businessman and stop copying Don Jazzy. If he clips his ego and goes back to beg IDJA, I’m sure he’d take him back cos he has a good heart.
#DoroLadyBossSaysSo #DoroTeamDonJazzy #DoroTeamMavin.

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