Treat your Dad to a special Gift from Jumia this Fathers day

Jumia Launches Fathers day store
Fathers make us feel safe,
they take away all those monsters while we were growing up and they were that reprimanding presence that made us straighten up whenever we felt like throwing tantrums. Here is your opportunity to give back to those father figures in your lives, as gifts are one of the best ways to say a big thank you to the best dad.
Jumia has everything in one store with the best array of gifts, you can choose from ranging from an exquisite collection of cufflinks for those whose fathers are more formal in their dressing to latest technology tablets you can think of. Trendy ties, belts and Timeless wristwatches are also on the gift list for your dad this father’s day. Selection of premium Polo shirts are also something to definitely go for. Not leaving out those signature drinks your dad holds in high esteem!
You can also enjoy great discount with 60% off items in Jumia fashion store in this month’s Fashion clearance sale, For Men and Women
All these excitement gift shopping can be found in Jumia’s Fathers day gift store which is just one click away! Delivering to your his door step at the very best prices. Easy and convenient shopping has never been better.

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