Inspire Series By Glory Edozien: Webisode 3- Overcoming Disability

Adenike Oyetunde had one of her limbs amputated at age 20. But you’d never know. Her zeal for life is matched

by her tenacity and strength. 8 years after her surgery Nike is a lawyer and an OAP on popular radio station Nigeria Info. Her obvious physically disability takes nothing away from her spirit and beauty.
Nike’s story is one of an over comer. As Maya Angelou says, “we may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated”. This quote embodies Nike completely. As I listened to her story I couldn’t help but think of the many times I had throw a pity party for myself over the most mundane of life’s issues. How many times I felt God hated me because of an experience unmatched by Nike’s reality, or how my hidden disabilities tainted the my image of self. Yet here was Nike, brazen and dignified regardless of her disability. Still pursuing her dreams regardless and coming to terms with imperfections, her self esteem still in tact.
On this webisode of the Inspire Series, Nike shares her life before and after her amputations, the impact if her spirituality on her journey and the need for government to care more for the disabled. I know you’ll definitely #beinspired.
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Inspire Series Webisode 3: Overcoming Disability- Part 2

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