A Tribute To Frank Lampard The Greatest Chelsea Player

Arguably my favorite player of all time, as a Chelsea fan I believe I am the greatest Frank Lampard fan. I remember him joining Chelsea from West Ham during that year Abrahimovic took over, I literally paid no attention to this English midfielder we are paying lots for. You know I am from Nigeria and our believe is that any player with skill is a good footballer (Jay jay Okocha, Kanu, Ronaldinho etc) rather than athleticism and technique, so I really did not care about the player we bought from West Ham. 20140606-133635.jpg

Fast forward, and I was amazed to see a player so dedicated and hardworking showing that hard work beats talent sometimes. He is always giving his all in the blue shirt, chasing players down, playing long balls and through passes to find our wingers, and scoring! yes scoring! he scored great goals from the midfield. He scored the two fantastic goals against Bolton to give us our first premier league title in 50 years, the first one was a right footer golazo and he rounded Jaaskelainen to slot the ball in the net with his left foot for the second goal, I was screaming Frankie Frankie as we won our first English premier League title after 50 years! I am rushing through this write-up, I have to do this before I get busy with work. Frankie Frankie deserves it. The goal against Bayern Munich, controlling the ball on the chest and twisting to volley the ball with his left foot to beat Oliver Khan. Is this guy for real? then, his goal at the Nou Camp was class… Taking the ball from a tight angle on the line and bending into the net, with Valdez stunned.

See the Bayern Munich goal below:

See the Barcelona goal below:

And during that champions league winning season, his two passes for Ramirez was brilliant. One at Stamford bridge, and the other at Nou camp.

If things are not going well on the pitch, Lampard fights… He is a true legend of Chelsea football club.

He won it all in the blue shirt, he gave us memories and gave Chelsea Trophies.

Though he is leaving Chelsea after over 600 appearances for the club, but Lampard remain a blue forever! He is our greatest player! Our highest goal scorer!

We love you Frankie! Super Frank!

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