New Music: Akin {@akinmusic} – Harmony

Akin ,African-Canadian singer/songwriter says ,

” If each of us does our
part, the world will be a better place” this is the inspiration behind
his music.

The 29 year-old is a passionate advocate for anti-violence– and his
music stems from this belief. A medley of R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop and his
African roots. His music is soulful and steeped with meaning.

Akin is especially enthusiastic about spreading messages to young people
about anti-violence themes, and has performed in conjunction with
Connect 2 End Violence– and initiative by the Region of Peel Police
department in the past.

His new single is called “Harmony” is a song to stop the spread of violence, encourage unity and world peace.

Harmony is the second single from Akin’s “True Stories” album. The song will be available on iTunes on June 10th 2014 and the artist is donating 50% of proceeds to UNICEF Canada in support of their initiatives to fight poverty in the remote areas of the world.


“I feel we all have a part to play,” he said. “People are so quick to blame offenders or government officials or others for violent acts but if we all play our part we can make the world a better place together.

It’s first within; let’s check ourselves, make a change and be better.”
says Akin.

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