R. Kelly’s 14 Year Old Daughter Is A Transguy

R.Kelly’s daughter Jaya identifies as a “transguy” on her social media platform. A transguy is a biological girl who is transitioning into life as a boy. Jaya, who calls herself Jay, dresses in boys clothing and emulates the testosterone fueled behavior of boys in her peer group.

Jay’s mom, reality TV personality Andrea Kelly (Hollywood Exes), seems to be accepting of her daughter’s condition. We don’t know how dad R. Kelly feels since he is not a constant presence in his daughter’s life.

The teenager follows in the footsteps of other celebrity kids who suffer from gender disorders, such as Cher’s daughter Chaz Bono, 45, a transgender male who now dates a cross dressing man.
If Jay plans to undergo a secks change she will have a difficult time finding a doctor willing to perform the surgery.
In 1979, as chief of psychiatry at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul R. McHugh famously shut down the secks gender reassignment clinic at Johns Hopkins hospital. Many hospitals in America quickly followed suit and closed their secks reassignment clinics. Some of the doctors expressed relief at not being “commandeered” to perform the radical surgeries which left the patients with no secksual feelings.

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