New Photos Emerge For ‘Get Naked’ Celebrity Photo Campaign

Following the closed shoot for the first quarter of #GetNaked2014, the team behind the initiative went on a break to gear up for the second quarter of #GetNaked2014! But did they really go on a break?…

SheiFunmi is announcing the commencement of this year’s edition of the photo campaign after posting teasers on social media; “We had to take a break so that the members of the team can work on their personal projects and revitalize for the next set of shoots because after that, we are bumping right into the #GetNaked campus tour” the media personality gave an update regarding the project.

The next shoot starts second week in June! If you missed the first set of shoot for #GetNaked2014, you can still be a part of the creative campaign for HIV/Aids Awareness and Prevention.

Upcoming Social Events:
– Red Cup District Picnic
– Word Cafe For #GetNaked
– #ProjectGetNaked seminar & networking by Centre For Right To Health









About Get Naked Campaign

‘Get Naked’ is a campaign put together to raise awareness about the risks of the incurable HIV/AIDS disease among teenagers and young adults. This initiative is primarily a result of the social and psychological stigma associated to the HIV virus as well as the AIDS disease. As young Nigerian youths, we experience our peers who either live or know someone that lives with this disease undergo prejudice as well as stigmatization and as a result, disclosure is less and risks are high.

The aim of this campaign is evident in our tagline: Go “BOLD” and “BARE”….protect yourself!

This approach is a never before experienced one in Nigeria especially. Being a developing country, the GET NAKED campaign urges and seeks celebrity faces that the youth can IDENTIFY with, mentors and entertainment icons to lend their voice and encourage safe sex, disclosure, and draw international attention to this disease through documentaries, TV shows and the print media- which will all be a follow up to the initiative.

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