Kimye Wedding: Clearer Pictures Of The Wedding Dress


Here are pictures of Kim’s wedding dress. She was walking down the aisle with Bruce and her mum carrying North West and the other as the couple exchanged their vows. The pictures are not so clear.

Meanwhile continue to see photo-booth pics from the wedding reception and what the only A-lister who attended the wedding said to Kim…
During the wedding reception, John Legend who attended the wedding with his wife, told Kim.
“I’ve seen Kanye with other women. I’m serious…this is a bad speech….but I have never seen him as in to someone as he is in to you. Kim. He was so in to you before he was even with you. He is in love with you. I am so happy to see you two together.’



At the pre-wedding party, Kanye told Kim “You’re more beautiful than I am talented”

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