Angry Fans Slams Beyonce For Not Attending Kanye’s wedding

Jay Z and Beyoncé are clearly not drunk on Kimye’s love. In fact, the couple didn’t even attend the Florence wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Fans keep posting rants on Beyonce’s instagram, a lot of people feel she and her husband should have attended the wedding no matter what. 20140525-112943.jpg 20140525-113321.jpg 20140525-113326.jpg 20140525-113331.jpg
I kinda agree too. Kanye was family, they should have been there and if they were wary of the cameras, they should have insisted on not being filmed. And it wasn’t like they were busy on tour, they went to the Hamptons and Beyonce even posted photos online. And it wasn’t even just Jay Z and Beyonce

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