Charlie Sheen slams Rihanna On Twitter After Singer Declines To Meet His Fiancée

The 48-year-old actor, who is known for going off the handle with tweets, is now targeting Rihanna after the singer declined to meet his fiancé, Brett Rossi.

“I took my gal out to dinner last night with her best friends for her Bday,” his rant began on Twitlonger Thursday. “We heard Rihanna was present as well.”

And that was only the beginning.

“I sent a request over to her table to introduce my fiancé Scotty to her, as she is a huge fan,” he said, calling his lady by her nickname. He added: “Personally I couldn’t pick her out of a line-up at gunpoint.”

But the “Take Care” singer wasn’t as enthused about the meet and greet at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, Calif. In fact, she was turned off by the several paparazzi lined up outside the eatery, according to Sheen.

“Lemme guess, we’re to reschedule another random 11 million to 1 encounter with her some other night?” Sheen wrote.

The former “Two and a Half Men” star seemed to get more agitated as he unleashed his tirade, saying he wasn’t the least bit interested in meeting the pop star.

“No biggie for me; it would have been 84 interminable seconds of chugging Draino and ‘please kill me now’ that I’d never get back,” he said.

Sheen went on to complain that he and Rossi weren’t “KOOL enough to warrant a blessing from the Princess (or in this case the Village idiot).”

For someone who isn’t a Rihanna fan, it was particularly interesting how he mentioned her song “Talk That Talk,” in order to further trash her saying the lyrics were “just a big ol lie from a big ol liar.”

He again mentioned 84 seconds, although it’s not quite clear why that time length was of such importance to Sheen.

It’s a safe bet that it took him a lot longer than 84 seconds to write the Twitter rants, which went on to urge Rihanna to quit her profession if she doesn’t have time for fame and find a new wig as “Halloween isn’t for a while.”

“See ya on the way down,” he added.

Source: Daily News

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