Social Issues


1. We need the President to establish the authenticity of the abduction, as well as why it took so long to act, as there seem to be an obvious shortfall in our military operatives as well as their welfare package considering the recent mutiny, and citizens are concerned especially in view of the strong indications of weak communication and operational synergy leading to gaps in accountability?

2. Considering the overwhelming international support we are receiving from other countries, we the citizens need latest operational updates on these interventions especially from the United States as conveyed during the Congressional hearing.

3. Why has the President not visited Chibok since the abduction considering that it is your responsibility to commiserate with the families and the Chibok community by visiting them? Also, what specific plans does the President have to ensure full rehabilitation of the returned girls, the girls yet to be rescued upon their return, their families, and the Chibok community as a whole?

4. What are the specific actions that have been taken since your return from Paris that gives the confidence that our neighbours, especially Cameroun will cooperate with us and comply with all agreed actions?

5. How effective is the State of Emergency? Despite the existence of SOE, we are concerned that it was possible to abduct over 200 girls? Some of the residents of Chibok confirmed that they informed relevant security agents hours before the actual abduction, yet commensurate actions were not taken; now that the SOE has been extended in affected states, including Borno State, what would be the difference going forward?

6. Will government negotiate to secure the release of our girls? (Follow-on question by the ex-abductee.)

7. What is the collaboration between the federal and state government in rescue efforts for our girls? This is in consideration of the fact that citizens had anxiously anticipated that you would inspire us all to become united and support you and the Federal Government so we can collectively fight our common enemy.

8. Why is it that none of the girls have been rescued by the military? Could the problem be resources as we are concerned that allocated resources to our security apparatus (N922 Billion in 2012, N1 Trillion in 2013, and N845 Billion in 2014) do not seem to correspond with the results delivered by those at the frontline to effectively wage this way against terrorism?

9. What are the minimum safety/security standards and packages dedicated to schools and other soft targets considering the recent trend of abducting and killings of students, particularly in the North?

10. Can the president explain the scale and magnitude of what we are dealing with in terms of the insurgents?

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