I don’t operate a sex-shop – Bisi Ibidapo-Obe

Star actress Bisi Ibidapo-Obe who became prominent for the role she played years back in the Olabisi Omologba Logba has revealed plans to open an adult store where sex toys will be sold. She also used the opportunity to address the issue that it is mainly a sex toy shop.
Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Ibidapo-Obe stated “I don’t run any sex shop and I do not know where that report is emanating from.”

She goes on to say, “However, I am about to open a lingerie shop for men, women and children. A section of the shop will stock sex toys for sale in the Magodo area of Lagos on Sunday.”

“The demand for sex toys is (are) high, especially around Magodo.” Bisi said while speaking on her reason for going into the business.

“More so, women have started paying special attention to their bodies and this has prompted my decision to take this route. I need to earn a daily income and I intend to sell the toys wholesale and not to retailers.” she continues.

To protect possible clients, she promises a safe avenue for those who will like to buy. “The sex toys are not exposed in the open. So customers have no reason to be ashamed or afraid to make purchases. The toys are kept in a remote section of my store. Their privacy is protected and many people who are interested in these toys want to remain unnamed which I respect a lot.” she explained.

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