“The Fruit of the Bloom” Campaign | HorploadWorks Photography

Want to stay healthy and beautiful? Then its time for you to eat right!

Promoting healthy living and peoples’ choices to live better by eating better, Makeup Artist David Onyedike teamed up with HorploadWorks Creative Director, Tope Adenola, to create the ‘Eat Healthy Look Healthy’ Campaign tagged “Fruit of the Bloom“.

The inspiration is the beauty in strawberries, pears, oranges, grapes and all the fruits around us. According to the creators (with words by The Style Infidel for ChicNiCity) –

“Each look references an adrenaline gush of colour portrayed by fruits with the sole aim of preaching this sermon – staying healthy will never go out of style!“

The campaign is filled with a fruity-fun vibe with models rocking vibrant makeup, themed with the fruits they carry.





Photo Credit
Photography: Tope Adenola (TopeHORPLOAD/ HorploadsWorks) | Website: | Facebook: Horpload Works
Makeup: David Onyedike (David Sucre) | Twitter: @davesucre

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