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DJ Caise Lends Support To #BringBackOurGirls Campaign

I am living my dreams at the moment because I am safe, alive and free to pursue those dreams. My loved ones are at peace because they do not have to fear for my whereabouts or welfare. For this I thank God.

Unfortunately, there are families in Borno State Nigeria, especially in the Chibok community who have no luxury of enjoying this peace. Their hearts are filled with grief because their daughters ?have not returned home for the past three weeks. Snatched from ?their schools by agents of discord and dis-unity, these girls whose only crime was their desire to advance in life via education, are devoid of the comfort of their homes. Young girls in the hands of monsters!

I imagine the pain these parents would feel; I can only imagine. The tears, the hope, the prayers that the most unimaginable horrors would not have been visited on these angels.

I am saddened that this is how low humanity has degenerated, that innocence will be stolen? from our sisters and daughters at gunpoint…

We all may not be able to bear arms to free our girls, we may not all be available to formulate policy to ensure they are returned safely to their mothers and fathers, but we can all join our voices to the cry to #BringBackOurGirls

We can all pray for Nigeria.

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