#OmojuwaPolls: President Jonathan’s Disapproval Rating Reaches 84 Per Cent

This polls were inspired by some other poll saying over 50 percent of Nigerians approve of the President’s work. That didn’t readily reflect the reality on the streets of Nigeria. That prompted a need to carry out an open online poll. This involved no mathematics or calibrations, just the direct result of how people voted based on whether they think the President is doing well enough or not. Like most conventional polls, we polled 1000 respondents. We didn’t decide who to poll, respondents were at liberty to vote based on their interest in the question. The results are attached below.
Of the 1004 people who answered the question of the poll, 51 people (representing 5% of the sample) said they couldn’t tell if the President was doing a great job, while 114 voters (11%) answered in the affirmative. An overwhelming 839 voters voted ‘No’ representing 84% of the sample. The poll ran in April of 2014.
This is nothing close to perfect but it does represent the views of some 1004 Nigerians who cared enough to answer the question. There is a new poll below. Like we did with the polls we didn’t agree with, if you don’t agree with this result, you can conduct a new poll. Just be kind enough to make it as open as we made this. Thank you for taking part in the #OmojuwaPolls


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