University of Roehampton, London Online launches MPH programme

Nigerians desirous of an international degree in public health can now do so without the added cost of travel with the Masters of Public Health (MPH) programme recently launched by the University of Roehampton, London Online. Featuring an interdisciplinary approach that enables students to learn from one another and collaborate across geographic regions and disciplines to address health challenges, the 29-month online based programme is being offered by the University in collaboration with online learning expert, Laureate International Universities, a global network of high-quality, innovative and accredited institutions of higher education.

Roehampton University Masters in Public Health (MPH) programme is designed for professionals and practitioners already working in specific areas relating to public health who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge in the field, as well as those looking to transition to a career in public health. Students may come from a wide range of backgrounds, including healthcare, education, business, government and nonprofit organisations. Participants in the programme are afforded the opportunity to learn from the diverse experience available within the global classroom while developing an international professional network outside of the classroom.

According to Dr. Raymond Lee, a professor of biomechanics at the University of Roehampton and a key personality in the development of the online programme, the MPH programme is designed to create and empower agents of positive change in the public health sector.

“Roehampton’s online MPH programme is anchored by a critical awareness that public health challenges are no longer local or national, but global. They are also political, and intimately related to environment and global security. The online format of the programme allows students to connect with public health practitioners in other countries and regions, providing them with a global perspective and access to international expertise from a diverse range of disciplines, which won’t be available in a traditional classroom,” Lee explained.

He added that the MPH programme will provide students the opportunity to combine their professional experience with the public health knowledge gained from programme to prepare them for imminent changes in the industry.

In addition to its new MPH programme, the University also launched an online interactive simulation tagged “Save Manresa,” that encourages participants to use their skills, logic, deduction and reasoning to help save thousands of lives in the aftermath of a fictitious massive earthquake in the virtual country of Manresa.

The “walk-through” simulation, thought to be the first of its kind among online education providers, was specifically designed to demystify public health as a career focus and also to encourage professionals to consider a career in its study online via the University’s new Master of Public Health (MPH) programme. The public is invited to participate in Roehampton Online’s “Save Manresa” simulation free of charge via the open-access learning platform, Udemy.

“As innovators in education, we’re delighted to offer this kind of interactive simulation that gives the public the opportunity to experience what might be involved in public health challenges — the rational decisions that need to be made, the risks involved, the excitement and the opportunities to be able to make a difference — just like a career in public health does,” said Professor Raymond Lee, PhD, of the University of Roehampton, who was involved in the development of the MPH programme.

“Ultimately, we want this simulation to help generate interest in public health and our new online MPH programme, which is anchored by a critical awareness that public health challenges are no longer local or national, but instead global, requiring involvement of a diverse range of disciplines to be able to address them.

The Masters in Public Health programme joins a growing portfolio of online masters programmes at Roehampton Online, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA), M.Sc. in Project Management, MSc in Information Systems Management, MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management and MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management, each at an all-inclusive tuition fee of US$10,000. Roehampton Online also recognises relevant work experience in place of a higher degree, such as a bachelor’s degree, as an alternative route to admission

Through these programmes, adult learners around the world gain the critical-thinking skills and practical knowledge they need to expand their expertise and potentially advance their careers. In a collaborative online environment that fosters learning, students engage with a diverse global community through blogs, message boards and chat groups.

The University of Roehampton, London, has been providing quality education through its colleges for more than 170 years. The University has one of the most diverse communities of students in the United Kingdom and maintains a strong tradition of commitment to equality. Today, it continues this tradition of excellence by providing working professionals around the world with access to high-quality online masters degree programmes at an exceptional price.

In partnership with online learning expert Laureate International Universities — a global network of high-quality, innovative, accredited institutions of higher education — the University of Roehampton, London Online connects a diverse community of adult learners through an engaging online learning experience. The University’s programmes are designed to enrich students’ knowledge and help them develop practical skills that can be applied in their job immediately and promote career advancement.

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