Audio & Video: Ezi Emela – Broken

“Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.”? Johann Sebastian Bach

Ezi Emela, who in the past brought us Afro pop songs such as “Catch my heart”, “Secret Lover” feat. Skales, and “Feeling Good” returns in 2014 with “Broken”.

Capturing the essence of her vulnerability and turning this into one of her most profound strengths, Ezi Emela is a songstress with a subtle vocal complexity, which elegantly ignites the uniqueness of her musical offerings.
Having recently gone through some changes, Ezi has a new outlook on life and is on a new path both spiritually and musically.
All of these elements combined create an ingenuity that epitomizes her skill, her writing… her sound.

The song ‘Broken’ is about an individuals feeling of being lost and broken and not knowing where to turn but finally realizing that God was with her/him all along and saved her from that. It is basically a love song to God.
The inspiration behind it was my life, I was this person that felt broken and lost and then found God.
Theme was kept quite simple with only Ezi in the video… as the song revolved around her and her feelings. The video was filmed in three locations, White room studios, High gate woods and Earl’s Court. Directed by Director Q



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