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Zen Magazine’s Fashion Editorial Features “Shoes to Love”.

If you are in need of some inspiration on what shoes to buy this month, we have got some fresh ideas for you. Take BOLD steps in these stylish heels and shoes for both men and women. Also check out our contents for April featuring loads of incredible stories. We also have our Zen candy featuring some of the best items we recommend for you this month.

April+Contents+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2014.jpg (2) Shoes+To+Love+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg1 Shoes+To+Love+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg2 Shoes+To+Love+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg3 (2) Shoes+To+Love+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg4 Shoes+To+Love+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg5 Shoes+To+Love+Fashion+Editorials+Zen+Magazine+April+2014.jpg6 Zen+Candy+April+Items+to+Get+Zen+Magazine+Africa+2014.jpg (2)

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