LINDA IKEJI DENIES DATING JUDE OKOYE – ‘I won’t have sex till I’m married’

Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji denies claims that she is/was dating P-Square’s manager and video director, Jude Okoye.

Linda took to her blog to correct the notion widely held by many that she and Jude were an item. According to her, “Meanwhile, where did all this I dated Jude Okoye come from? I saw all the comments in the previous post (his engagement) and I was like…what? Lol. I’m sure he’s a great guy but nah, not happening. I’m not into celeb men. I’m an Igbo girl, that one na bad market. Hehe. I gossip for a living, imagine if I were dating any Naija celeb guy, I won’t be able to write about his colleagues na, they will be reporting me to him everyday. Lol. No, biko, I stay far away from them. I’ve only met Jude and his brothers twice in my life, briefly, at events,” she stated.
She went on to add that she would remain celibate until she meets a man she’s willing to spend the rest of her life with. She said, “Plus no sex for this lady anymore untilhe puts a ring on it. I made that promise a few years ago & I’m sticking to it…until maybe I meet a guy so hot my jaw drops. *wink* For now, I’m fine! Lol.”

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