Obama, Beyonce, Omojuwa Listed on Top 100 Most Influential Black People On Digital/Social Media


This is a list of the top 100 most influential black people on digital/social media. That means they are using blogging, tweeting, Facebook, videos on YouTube and vine, posting on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and answering questions on Quora etc to build their profile, promote their business interests and most importantly, engage and build their communities.

The people included range from the super famous who have grabbed social media like a greedy child let loose in a sweet shop, to rising stars who are building significant followings.

1.Barack Obama – President of USA
2.Beyonce Knowles – Singer
3.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Actor – Professional Wrestler
4.Oprah Winfrey – Broadcaster, TV Chat Host – Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Coach on The Voice UK
6.Serena & Venus Williams – USA Tennis Champions
7.Michelle Obama – The First Lady (Barack Obama’s wife)
8.Usain Bolt – Olympic 100m and 200m Gold Champion
9.Farrah Gray – Author, Entrepreneur
10.Pete Dalton – Music Producer, Broadcaster, DJ, Tastemaker, Businessman
11.Lennox Lewis – Retired Boxer and former Heavy Weight Champion of the world
12.Melanie Brown – Singer, Entrepreneur
13.Mo Farah – International Track and field athlete Olympic Gold Champion 10,000m and 5000m
14.Shaq – Professional Basketball Player
15.Marques Browniee – Video Producer, Vlogger, Host And Internet Personality
16.Reg Saddler – “Just a guy who loves social media”
17.KingBach – Actor, director, writer, producer, and internet personality
18.Patrice Yursik – Writer, Blogger, creator of
19.Sean Gardner -Social Media Consultant, Speaker
20.Kid President – Internet personality
21.Iyanla Vanzant – Best selling Author, Spiritual Life Coach, Columnist, TV Show Host
22.Gina Yashere – Comedian
23.Baratunde Thurston – Comedian, Author
24.Adria Richards – Technology consultant, Developer, Speaker
25.Melinda Emerson – Entrepreneur,Speaker, Author, Small Business Coach
26.Kimberly Bryant – Biotech Engineer, Social Engineer
27.Tracy Clayton – Writer, Blogger
28.Bevy Smith – Tv personality, Fashion expert, TV Host
29.Japheth Omojuwa – Cyberpreneur, Speaker, Political Commentator
30.Alfred Edmond Jr – Editor, Radio Host
31.Cheryl Pullins – Author, Speaker, Business Coach
32.Zerlina Maxwell – Political Analyst, TV commentator, Speaker, Writer
33.Wayne Sutton – Entrepreneur, Technology Journalist
34.Annetta Powell – Professional Success Coach
35.Andi Peters – TV Presenter
36.Simlyounique -Vlogger
37.Tasha (TC) Cooper – Digital Marketing Strategist, Online Publisher, Social Media Lawyer
38.Chuka Umunna MP – Politician
39.Diane Abbott MP – Politician, Broadcaster
40.Douglas Idugboe – Best Selling Author, Digital Marketer
41.Marsha Wright – Serial Entrepreneur, Business Expert, Author
42.Geoff Alexander – Google Adwords Specialist
43.Minna Salami – Writer, Commentator, Blog Editor
44.David Lammy – Politician
45.Leslie Samuel – Blogger, Podcaster
46.Rebecca Enonchong -African Tech Entrepreneur.
47.B. Bonin Bough – Marketer,
48.Louis Smith – Gymnast
49.Wil Reynolds -SEO Expert, Speaker
50.Ezeani Kingsley – Social Media Strategy Consultant
51.Dr. Avis Jones DeWeever – Political Commentator, Speaker, Radio Host
52.Thomas Oppong – Technology Blogger, Startup Consultant
53.Cindy Trimm – Author, Motivational Speaker
54.S. Lynn Cooper – Social Media Strategist
55.Stanford Smith – Social Media Blogger
56.Bree Glenn – Blogger, PR and Social Media Consultant
57.Blossom Nnodim -Author, Blogger, Compere
58.Cheryl Wood – Author, Motivational Speaker
59.David McQueen – Speaker, Executive Coach
60.Jenny Garrett – Executive Coach, Author
61.Corvida Raven – Technology Blogger, Speaker
62.Andrew Morgan – Goal Coach, Speaker, Author, broadcaster
63.Patricia Benjamin – Life Coach, Broadcaster
64.Andrew West – technology thought-leader, philanthropist and technology entrepreneur
70.L Martin Johnson Pratt – Social Media Strategist
71.Tai Goodwin – Speaker, Coach
72.Michael King – Digital Marketer, Speaker
73.James Andrews – Digital and Social Strategis, Entrepreneur, DJ
74.Jason Njoku – Internet Entrepreneur
75.Valorie Burton – Life Coach, Author
76.Reni Eddo-Lodge – Freelance Journalist
77.Luvvie Ajayi – Writer, Digital Strategist
78.Dr. R. Kay Green – Professor, Speaker, Marketing Consultant
79.Rosetta Thurman – Author, Speaker, Mentor and Coach
80.Leesa Renee Hall – Coach and Mentor
81.David Bullock – Marketer
82.Leah Salmon – Speaker, Natural Health Coach
83.Derek L Anderson – Entrepreneur
84.Placida Acheru – Business Coach and Mentor
85.Molesey Crawford – Author, Speaker, Mentor
86.Sebastien Foucan – Freerunner, Coach, Author, Actor
87.Genevieve Flight- Business and Life Coach, Speaker
88.LaShanda Henry – Web Designer, Internet Marketing Coach
89.Andre Ankton – Mobile Engagement Strategist
90.Nathaniel Peat – Entrepreneur, Engineer
91.Sonia Brown MBE – Business Coach, Writer, Marketer
92.Ida Horner – Activist and Blogger
93.Ikenna Azuike -Vlogger, Speaker, Voice over artis
94.Eddie Smith and Marsha Gosho Oakes – Co owners of Soulculture
95.Shireen Mitchell – Speaker, Author, Social Strategist, Diversity Analyst
96.Tracy Reid – Social Media & Business Coach
97.Pam Perry – PR Coach
98.Keysha Davis – Magazine Editor
99.Franklin Boateng – Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert
100. Anita Mckenzie – Raw food Coach

Brand Omojuwa is not doing badly. 29th on a list of 100! This is bound to be a controversial list but it never feels wrong to be listed 29th on a list of 100 influential black people.

Credit -Eelan Media

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