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Leaving your comfort zone or breaking away from someone else’s shadow are the most


difficult things to do. As humans we are always stuck in the wheel of routines. As soon as I was done with school, I was in a hurry to establish an identity of my own, find my own path and do my own thing. I gate crashed into the music scene, for me it was the quickest way to not only get attention but fame and a place in history, because I set about it all in the most unusual manner, determined to succeed.  This was some 35 years ago, I thought of special features or traits that would stand me out. I came up with my alter ego, the feminine side of me with all the make-up, girly girly stuff etc.


And they all shouted, “Ha Naija Boy George”. See dem mouth.


From birth I have always been a restless soul, always questing for fresh new ways, always questioning why things were the way they were. As an adventurer, I have always looked for other ways of doing the same thing, always on a permanent exploration trip. So I regularly felt the need to keep re-inventing me. So from the “Boy George” look, even though I had started way before he was known, I morphed into a Bohemian character. That’s when the Pins, Chains, Studs, Rings, Piercings, Tattoos, the Mohawk/Punk look changed the whole game. Hummmm, come and see, I looked like the biggest bouncer ready to beat up anyone and everything in my path.


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