Bola Tinubu Condemns Nyanya Attacks In The Strongest Terms

It is another gloomy chapter not only for families, but it reinforces the fear and vulnerability of Nigerians.  I condemn in the


strongest terms the Nyanya bombings and the violent attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram. The killings are detestable, especially those of students and other innocent Nigerians. All peace loving Nigerians must condemn this mindless slaughter in the strongest of terms. No religion, Islam or Christianity, condones the killings of innocent lives for which there can be no justification.

I call upon the law enforcement agencies and the President to spare no effort in bringing the perpetrators to book. The Jonathan Presidency must do all in its powers and within the ambit of the law to halt the Boko Haram nightmare.

Nigeria’s security situation is precarious and the safety of her citizens can no longer be guaranteed. Nigerians want protection for their lives and property. There is a glaring failure of intelligence. The tempo and consistency of attacks suggest that this government’s approach is not only wrong but also wrongheaded. For how long shall we cry over the failure of intelligence and misuse of military deployments? For how long shall we weep over the avoidable deaths, loss of talents and gloom in Nigerian homes? When the story of this generation is told, who shall escape responsibility for the mammoth human lives and resources lost to the slaughter?

It is clear the Jonathan administration has not devised a grand strategy against this menace, either locally or internationally.

There might be a need to get back to the drawing board. Nigeria should also partner with the international community on convening a security summit under the auspices of the AU where Nigeria, Chad, Cameroun and Niger will deliberate on the menace. That can be the start of a well-coordinated offensive led by Nigeria.

We cannot continue on the old ways since the result has been tragedy. We have had enough agonies as families and a nation. Let us have peace, and it is in our hands.






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