Drake Makes A Cancer Patient’s Wish Come True

Kennedy Brown, a 15-year-old cancer patient. The Houston, Texas native has been battling brain cancer for over two years now, when faced with fear that her time was running out, her classmates arranged for her to get the full high school experience by throwing her a surprise prom and crowning her prom queen. They also made sure she received an honorary diploma in a private graduation ceremony. But Kennedy still wished for one more thing — meeting Drake.

Last week, a social media campaign was launched to get Drake’s attention with the hashtag #DrakeForKen.

A day or so after the campaign was launched to get Drake’s attention, an update was given that he had gotten the message and was in the process of recording a message for her.

That was not the case.

On Saturday, Drake flew out to Houston to meet Kennedy and she was smiling from ear to ear!







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