Solve X Presents : Emotional Intelligence Workshop For Managers

Emotional Intelligence and SolveX is a training series from the stables of NerveNG, a human capacity development entity. Lead by international motivational speaker and Nokia Brand ambassador olusola adewumi, who is greatly revered by anyone who has listened to him, we employ a bouquet of interactive, creative and cognitive adult learning techniques and know-hows to lead you on a journey of self realization where you discover your own answers, tailored to solve your peculiar needs.

 Emotional intelligence Workshop for Managers

The 4hour workshop covers gaps, roles, needs, importance, techniques, practical implementation of emotional intelligence, and how to develop/increase your EQ


* Why Emotional Intelligence                                   * What’s your EQ?

* Types of Intelligence                                                * How your brain works

* The Power of Control                                               * Self Assessment

* Understanding others                                               * Self Regulation

* Self Management                                                      * The power of awareness

* Relationship management (social skills)             * Communication Test

 At the end of this workshop, participants would be able to develop skills on how to perceive emotions, understand emotions, manage emotions and use emotions for their personal or business interactions a la advancement.

Course Fee:                N10,000 (workshop)

Course Duration:         4 hours

Date:                           Saturday 19th April 2014

Venue:                         VIP Room, Golden Gate Restaurant Ikoyi, Lagos

Certificate:                   Certificate in Emotional Intelligence (Basic 1)

Mandatories:    Come with your Laptop.

Limited access to your phones (except at break)

Full 2 Days Course Fee:        N50,000 (open at a Later Date)

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