Lawyer Femi Falana’s son; Falz Wants to go on A Date With Toolz And Tosyn Bucknor


Femi Falana’s son, Folarin Falana also known as Falz was recently on #DareMeQuestions – an online platform which dares and ask celebrities, icons, personalities and confident individuals unsual questions and then, he revealed that he would go on a “dates” with On Air Personalities, ToolZ Oniru and Tosyn Bucknor respectively.

The fun loving and rapidly widely accepted Entertainment platform which has interviewed Singer, Yemi Alade, MTV BASE VJ, Ehiz, Capital Hills Da Suspeckt, London FilM Maker, Obi Emelonye amongst others, asked the fast rising Rapper 10 daring and unsual questions


Read the interview below:

(This interview began at 6pm on Friday, 11th April 2014 on twitter, between @BossRicky01 and @FalzTheBahdGuy

Sola #DareMeQuestions – IT IS TIMMMMMME!!!! @falzTheBahdGuy What are you doing right now?

Falz: @FalzTheBahdGuy- Actually on my way to a meeting.

Sola #DareMeQuestions: #DareMeQuestions 1. : @FalzTheBahdGuy Which Animal are you afraid of?

FALZ: BahdGuy dey fear Lion o!

Sola #DareMeQuestions: #DareMeQuestions 2. @FalzTheBahdGuy In between “HIGH CLASS” , “JESSICA” and “CURRENCY” which is your least favorite song? –

FALZ: None at all. I love all Three songs

Sola #DareMeQuestions: #DareMeQuestions 3. Back in High School, How many Girlfriends did you have?

FALZ: I actually had one, I was a Raz guy initally LOL

Sola #DareMeQuestions 4 In between these two sexy Divas, @Toolz (Toolz Oniru) and @TosynBucknor (Tosyn Bucknor) who would you go on a date with?

FALZ: Kent shooze o.Tosyn on Monday and Toolz on Tuesday

Sola #DareMeQuestions 5. What’s that one thing you’d never share with anyone?

FALZ: I no fit share my Woman o!

Sola #DareMeQuestions 6. One stage experience you would never forget?

FALZ: *”When I went back to my Secondary School.It was surreal.

Sola #DareMeQuestions 7. (Dare) What is your ATM code or share your phone number?

FALZ: lol.08066390197

Sola #DareMeQuestions 8. Mention that one song by a Nigerian music Artiste you wish you had composed?

FALZ: *Trybesmen – Plenty Nonsense

Sola #DareMeQuestions 9. Mention two songs in your album you think your fans will love?

FALZ: *”Senator” and “Toyin Tomato”

Sola #DareMeQuestions 10. What part of you body would you like to do a plastic surgery change?

**** (LOL)

The interview was conducted by Olusola of #DareMeQuestions – @BossRicky01


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