PHOTOS : Meet The Lady That Was Born Without Eyebrows

I’m sure this lady’s before and after picture is going to shock most  guys and its going to make them aware of the power of MAKEUP! Guys I want you to meet  Sassy J , she was born without eyebrows and I’m sure you can imagine the sad childhood she would have had, Because of the jest and all from her playmates.

3d11df3ab84511e3883d0a0a0b2410cb_8Well this motivated  Sassy J  to learn the right way to apply makeup and judging from her pictures she seems very good because we can all see she can create different looks for her self . Read her story below and see more of her pictures…

I haven’t done a before and after without my contacts. So I decided it would be better to show you all my actual eye color before putting in my green contacts lens (that way you can all see the total transformation). I know I’ll get criticized for the way I look in my before pic but it’s ok! Makeup is a skill that I’m happy I was blessed with. I can literally make my face look anyway and to me that’s talent. Makeup is artistry and those who are good at it truly treat it as a art like I do.

My mom has a nickname for me growing up…she use to call me BALD FACE since I didn’t have eyebrows. For a longtime I let that nickname affect me and also my confidence…but after a while I embraced that nickname and I started experimenting with my eyebrows and also other types of makeup.

I learned from YouTube videos how to apply my makeup and also read books and magazine articles on it as well. I wasn’t the greatest at makeup at first but overtime I became really good at it and the rest is truly history after that.

So to all the woman out there it’s ok to be DIFFERENT. I know I’m not the norm and it’s ok because being unique is so much more valuable than blending in with the NORM. Beauty is in the eye of those who choose to see it for what it is. And I’ll always embrace my individuality because it’s gotten me far in life and always will.

-Sassy J.

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