It has come to the attention of Gbagyichild Entertainment, Conveners of Taruwa and Taruwa Festival, and publishers of Taruwa magazine,that a Symon Adeji, former editor of Sleek Magazine is passing off ‘Taruwa’ as his trade name; criminally and fraudulently misrepresenting to friends and colleagues, sending requests of a Taruwa facebook page (created on the 9th of March 2014) and having a site called ‘’ which also publishes a magazine and hosts a ‘convergence.

 This is not an unintentional or negligent act but a carefully calculated and conscious decision to misrepresent and fraudulently pass off this business as Taruwa, which has been in existence since 21st of August 2007.

Symon Adeji is not a member of Taruwa, neither is he a member or cohort of Gbagyichild Entertainment and conducting any form of business with Symon Adeji as such is at your risk.

 Meanwhile, we have asked our Legal counsel to commence appropriate actions against Mr Adeji’s actions. We have reported the Facebook page as scam and we have contacted the Internet Regulatory bodies to take action against this website.


The websites associated with Gbagyichild Entertainment are:, and (which is in its developmental stage)

 Taruwa festivaltaruwa event2

Our online pages are:

Twitter:                    @TARUWA_

 Instagram:               TARUWA_

Youtube:                   TaruwaTv

Facebook Group:    ‘Gbagyichild Entertainment

Facebook page:        Taruwa
Google+:                   ‘
Taruwa’ and ‘Taruwa Magazine’ 


We ask the public to please take note.

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