INSANE! Iraq To Pass A Bill That Legalizes Females Getting Married At The Age Of 8

Iraq has drafted a law which would legalize girls getting married at the age of 8 ; this law would also require girls as young as that to submit to sexual activities with their supposed husband.

The draft law does not set a minimum age for marriage. Instead, it mentions an age in a section on divorce, setting rules for divorces of girls who have reached the age of 9 years in the lunar Islamic calendar. It also says it’s the age girls reach puberty.

Also under the proposed measure, a husband can have sex with his wife regardless of her consent. The bill also prevents women from leaving the house without their husband’s permission and would restrict women’s rights in matters of parental custody after divorce and make it easier for men to take multiple wives.The bill has provoked outrage from rights activists and many Iraqis who see it as a step backward for women’s rights.

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