On Sunday the 3rd of march after church I decided to go and buy fuel ,  with the little fuel I had I toured V.I the queue were killing, so I decided to go as far as Ajah and to my surprise the queue were actually worse than the ones in V.I so well i went  back home changed and went to work . OK the next day Monday I left V.I all the way to surulere I couldn’t get fuel and the black marketers were also scarce I got nothing and that was weird not to talk about the fact that the roads were free. It felt like a public holiday, most cars were either left at home or in the queue , you could perceive unhappiness in the air.

My journey continues I left Surulere to Ikoyi in pursuit of fuel and what I saw in Ikoyi was a horrible road block because of the fuel queue . So once again I was defeated and went back home and in anger all I was thinking about is this no 20billion dollars , no fuel , kerosene , light yet 100 years centenary is being celebrated and a lot of money possibly billions of naira or dollars would be spent in that celebration, hosting heads of states from different parts of the world while the citizens are queuing up for fuel and strolling the streets with empty gallons, it was too much for me to bear , I  went to bed angry.

So the next day Tuesday I called a friend of mine and harassed him on the phone in a friendly way and he went out of his way to hustle fuel for me and sent it to my door steps also my Boo went queuing up for us so yeah I had double portion of fuel, and am so going to mise my full tank.

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