International Women’s Day Celebration with Miss Nigeria

The International women’s day is a global celebration that highlights the importance of women in a society, by celebrating them. All over the world, this very significant day will be marked on the 8th of March 2014.

Miss Nigeria, Ezinne Akudo Anyaoha chose to commemorate the celebration of the International women’s day with a younger cadre of women who are our future society molders. Queens College Lagos was thrilled to have the queen in this special season, even as she addressed pertinent issues that affect the girl child today. In attendance were over 6,000 Queens College students, alongside all of its administrative and academic staff. She was also in company of the newly signed Miss Nigeria managers, Fruition Image Consultants Limited.

Miss Nigeria is a custodian of values and an advocate for change. She has a credible voice and it showed. There was an absolute quietness as she was called up to the podium on the assembly ground. Ezinne spoke from a place of passion on subjects of the pursuit of a girl child’s dreams, basic etiquettes for a respectable female in a society (as every woman is a queen), and the need to abide by governing principles within any given institution or society.

Furthermore, she spoke extensively about the security of women in our society, while women abusers will always subsist; there are measures that can be taken in order to avert violence against women. Again,  In Ezinne’ s statement she  said  that ‘’ The importance of a  woman in shaping a society cannot be over emphasized’’.  Here she put forward that women are change agents in a society, but that they must all stand worthy of that responsibility.

Furthermore, she added that ‘’If you can dream it, you can be it’’ as she admonished these young women to become all that they dream, letting nothing pull them back in their aspirations and responsibility to the society.

Amid this solemn talk were a lot of interactive moments between the queen and pupils of Queens College Lagos.  There was also a lot of photo sessions that left the youngsters and school officials even more excited to have Miss Nigeria.

At the end of it all, the principal of Queens College Lagos, Mrs. Osime, E. M. made a closing speech, thanking Miss Nigeria- Ezinne for taking out the time to come and motivate the students, whom are very much of an impressionable stage of their lives.

We hear that Miss Nigeria has a lineup of impactful activities such as these, that will give a face and a voice to the causes that she stands for.

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