Celebrity Lessons in Fan Engagement Words -“‘ Don’t want to ever lose my husband for anything in this world’ -Toyin Aimakhu Johnson ”

One   of the ways celebrities engage their fans is by maximizing social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other mediums. They use these   tools to get closer to their fans which in turn make the fans see them as their friend (The friend next door) .They also use these tools to re echo their relevance and change people’s perception about them. In engaging   with your fans as a celeb, the twin tool of caution and tact must be employed.

Toyin Aimakhu Johnson, the uber talented actress who has made a name for herself in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood,   undressed some parts of her in a recent twitter conversation with her fans. While this is a good ploy to engage them and give them a sense of belonging, tact, caution and diplomacy wasn’t employed in the way she answered some of the questions

The following are the   tips celebrities can maximize while engaging with fans on social media.
1.      Provide a personal touch, but be tactful
The desire to connect to your fans shouldn’t make you unveil certain sensitive details of your personal life.Fans at times can go to the extreme with the interrogative questions, but its your duty to exercise your discretion and be sensitive with the way you answer questions.
2.      Pull back the curtain
As a celeb whatever you do   becomes news. The media generates content through your lifestyle, therefore it is imperative not to ‘Entertain’ your fans with all the details of your life e.g She just broke your heart, or you just lost a juicy money spinning gig
3.      Speak your mind…then mind what you speak
Your life is an open book, on the flipside you can decide what you write in every chapter of the book .It’s up to you. Though you will be misquoted and misinterpreted, the onus lies on you to create deep conversations beyond the new SUV you just acquired, expensive clothes in your wardrobe or the cheque   you just got from a gig.
The key is engage, socialize and add value. That’s how to build a noble social media brand.
Kehinde Ajose is a sought after talent development strategist, publicist, and blogger who helps individuals  to discover and develop their   talents in order to create wealth and become iconic brands.
By Kehinde Ajose
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