“I Didn’t Rape Anyone, This All An Extortion Plot” – Obesere

Popular fuji musician Alhaji Qudus Abass Akande AKA Obsere who is being accused of forcefully having sexual intercourse with a woman (if you missed it read HERE ) has finally given a response to all these accusations.

He shared his own side of the story on wazobia show yesterday, Obesere claims the woman is doing all this so she can scam him off some of his hard earned money. Read his statement below:

She visited me at home at night and it was too late for her to return to her place. I won’t lie about the fact that we had intimate encounter. But I did not rape her. And it was about four or five days after she visited me that she went to the police to allege that I raped her.

I went to the police station but when when I realized that the officers there were favoring her as a complainant, I requested them to transfer the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba. There, they asked her for evidence that she was raped. There was no injury on her. Her clothes were intact.

When she couldn’t produce evidence, the police advised her not to attempt to blackmail me. They advised her to gently approach me and ask for help if she wanted anything. When she first called me to say she was feeling sick, I called the woman who introduced her to me to take her to hospital. But Alhaja said nothing was wrong with her, that she was only trying to extort me. Alhaja said she planned to blackmail me into parting with between five and ten million naira.

I can tell you my enemies are behind the allegation. They are trying to bring me down. But they won’t succeed because I’m a child of God, a messenger of God. Once God remains behind me, nobody can bring me down.

I’m a responsible man, a reliable man. But I’m human and therefore fallible. But I’m not losing sleep about this allegation. I’m undeterred and I’m going about my business because I have no doubt that the truth will prevail.”

It isn’t certain who is actually telling the truth between two of them, but if what Obesere is saying is the truth what this woman is trying to do is a very inhumane thing .

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