Violence Against Women.. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY MARCH 8,2014

Just a quick one on violence against women. This message is not going to be a vent but an appeal and a concise one.


This is directed at those who derive joy in  physically abusing women and children. The initiators of tears travelling down the cheeks of their weak victims because they are not strong enough to strike back.

Those who strike thier wives, children,  maids, and others considered subjects to them. This is an appeal to please STOP abuse in Nigeria. Whether you are the striker or the onlooker we all have to put a stop to domestic abuse.

Stiking others doesn’t make you stronger than your victims.  In actual fact it shows your weakness and the strength of your victim.

In the event of this appeal I am honored to announce this event powered by @MUCHCOMPANY It is directed at preventing and stopping domestic abuse in Nigeria. To participate please see flier details..Venue: Twitter. Dicussion Hashtag is #Freeher.

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