Kolade Arowolo – The Slayer of Wife [ POEM ]

First time they knew,

When he set open the fountain of her pleasure,

It was like begging to stay in life.

Her blessing came upon her anchor-man,

Clamoring; you are killing me!

Sometime after they have been one,

The weight of the earth came His way, Such as known to winners who never quit.

They said she became his Breadwinner,

They said he became depressed.

When she burst open the fountain of his anger,

She was found in the pool of her own blood,

Slowly flowing to the earth-belly which always want more.

With the blood, memory of her victories, dreams for her tomorrows…

They all left the firm grip of her existence.

She stirred, seeing no more what is in our realm,

Her life played like rushes from a movie unraveling tragedy,

Wishing the day never was that his charm trapped her,

Such that was her penchant for gratitude;

Wishing her path never crossed that man she could die for,

Such as heard in story that Love tells.

My condolences as Judgment speaks from her bench:

Kill his life!

Hang with him every dream he nurtured.

Let his joy end, also the passion within his soul!

Let that which his frame gets life be taken.

Let the minute of the next not find him here,

If he fears what comes, shove him into it.

Put his remain in the grave with an epithet- The slayer of Wife.






+Poem was inspired by the sentencing to death of Akolade Arowolo who murderd his wife.

+Written by Adeshola Ademola (@onedemola)





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