Poem:#BornoMassacre – By @misfittoray

If and Only if…

The tears I hath cried..

Shall water these lands,Till it bears initial fruits of honesty,
Thus barren despair,
Only if I hath cried..

The blood of their cries
Shall curse the lost souls that taketh
And shall course through the cavities of those that stood ground and shed tears that watered these lands..

The bulk of their cries
Men…the soilCorruption…the root
Lies…the stem
Our Government..the tree
The people..the branches
Our children..the flowers…

The tears I hath cried,absent fear and a renewed gut,shall water these lands and cut..
Afore trees
From the remains..
Shall grow initial fruits of honesty and shall barren despair..
But only if we cry…If and only if!

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