Lynxx’s Reaction To The Story Of “Model Who Was Physically Abused By Her Boyfriend”

We recently brought you the story of a model who survived domestic violence involving a man she dated for 8 months;Nigerian artiste Lynxx  just shared his opinion on the issue and he narrated a personally experience; how he refused to support a man who hit his woman in his presence. He also advised other women who have found themselves in this kind of relationship, they should end the relationship immediately. See his reply to the story below:

lynxx and wounded model kemifilaniblog

“Last year my name was dragged thru the mud all bcos i refused to stand for a man hitting a woman and stood for what was right!! REAL MEN DONT HIT WOMEN & i think every little shit that thinks its ok to do so deserves what ever happens to him as a riper-caution! This story here makes my heart bleed! How does a man end up beating a woman to the point shes beyond recognition? WTF! All in the name of LOVE? Nah…. Its never that serious! If u are a victim of domestic violence PLEASE SPEAK UP AND GET OUT OF THAT SITUATION ASAP! Glad she posted these visuals for pple to see what shes gone thru and i hope that animal never sees the light of day again! REAL MEN NEVER HIT WOMEN! This is just beyond sad!”

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