What APC Stands For In Nigeria By Joe Igbokwe

Ever since the All Progressives Congress (APC) entered the stage few months back, many have been asking to know the difference between PDP and APC. Given the mass exodus from PDP to APC, some Nigerians say the APC is now the new PDP. They claim that it is only a change of
cassette while the music is still playing. They argue that if APC
throws its doors wide open for all Duke and Harry in PDP to find safe
haven, then the CHANGE mantra in APC family is just mere semantics
which signifies nothing. They fear that it may be difficult if not
impossible for APC to manage the incoming PDP members to conform to
APC’s standards and rules of engagement.

Let me at once say that these fears are justified in a way given our
chequered history and antecedents but the truth remains that APC is
damn too serious in redefining leadership in Nigeria. Governor Rochas
Okorocha, formally of PDP and APGA has been a different Governor in
APC. Imo State today with massive infrastructural development confirms
this. Governor Ibikunle Amosun, formally of PDP and ANPP has been a
super performing Governor in APC family. Is it just a matter of
coincidence that the APC governors are putting up superlative
performances in their respective states? It is not and their stellar
showing flows from adhering strictly to the progressive ideology and
belief in governance, which fires the pin of the APC. In the same vein
those who are trooping into APC from PDP will discover that there is
an existing template of good governance in APC. They are trooping in
to meet sound minds with sound ideas who understand what leadership is
all about. They are coming into APC to know about the power of
teamwork, organization and creative energy. The incoming PDP members
will in no uncertain terms learn for the first time in APC family that
power goes with responsibility.

Today, even the most partisan observer will not compare Edo under the
PDP with Edo under the APC. Not even the die hard opponent of APC will
compare Imo under APC with Imo under PDP. Not even the most fanatical
supporter of the PDP will compare Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti under the PDP
with what those states are today under APC. It is not happenstance or
an accident. It has to do with strict adherence to party belief and
ideology. APC is prescribing these to the rescue of Nigeria from the
seemingly hopeless doldrums the PDP has ran the country into in the
last fifteen years.

Those presently flooding into APC will come in to learn that greatness
never comes by accident. The new APC supporters will find out that
every great thing has always been achieved by great persons. Soon they
will discover that the APC they are coming into is a disciplined, idea
driven, ideological platform which desires to do things differently in
Nigeria, a product of good thinking and robust debate, a product of
many years of hardwork. The truth is that if there are no good men and
women to stand up to PDP after 53 years of Independence then we can as
well disband the entity called Nigeria. If Nigeria cannot produce men
and women who will stand up to challenge the excesses of PDP, then it
is wise to conclude that all of us are mere children. If decent men
and women cannot remove the kid gloves to fight for the soul of
Nigeria, then it is right to conclude that Nigeria is simply a basket

The APC is insisting that Nigeria has no business with failure in the
age of success. APC is insisting that the present crop of Nigerian
leaders cannot continue to give artificial groundless excuses for non
performance given the human and material resources at their disposal.
APC frowns at the idea of depending on one source of income (crude
oil) 53 years after independence when there are limitless
opportunities to diversify our economy. Just like everyone needs
multiple sources of income to make ends meet, Nigeria needs multiple
sources of income to thrive.

The APC is planning to introduce radical changes in every sphere of
our economy from our educational systems to agriculture, from power
sector to Medicare, from building infrastructure to job creation, from
security to national unity etc. APC believes like the late Professor
Chinua Achebe that the trouble with Nigeria is simply a failure of
leadership. APC progenitors believe firmly that Nigeria has the
capacity to call shots in Africa if properly managed. That explains
why APC states are success stories today because the governments in
all APC states place the people on the top of their priorities.

APC is asking Nigerians to give the party the chance to prove its
mettle in Nigeria in matters of leadership. APC is planning on how to
reduce the cost of governance. APC plans to make politics look
beautiful and ‘sexy’ in Nigeria. APC plans to make corruption an
unattractive venture in Nigeria.

Nigeria needs fresh air, fresh ideas, new impulses, new hope, new
beginning, new approach, fresh men and women. APC has a master plan on
how to rebuild Nigeria and recover the lost glory.

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